Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christina and Mark's Wedding

On July 2, 2010, my friends Christina and Mark got married!!! I don't have any pics from the ceremony, but here are some from the reception.

Me with the happy couple
Mmmm...cake. They almost got into a big war with the frosting!

Their first dance was super cute!!! They did a waltz...
Part of the dessert table...there were lots of dessert options
The Howell crew (Amy, me, Stina, Katie, Justin, Jared, Sean)
Congratulations Stina and Mark!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New York Road Trip

On May 16th, 2010 my friend got married! Remember Mike? Him and Andrea got New York! So we went out to New York to be there with them on their special day :)

Last few minutes as an unmarried man
Saying the vows
You may now kiss the bride
We got to blow bubbles at the bride and groom...then we blew them at each other
My friend, jessica, was the photographer at their wedding so I got to see her too! We did gymnastics together in high school
Their first dance as husband and wife
Mike loves Superman and superheroes in general so he got his groomsmen superhero shirts that they had on underneath their dress clothes. They revealed these shortly into the reception :)
Our little group of 6...Me and Matt, Mike and Andrea, and Chris and Danielle. Too bad we don't all live closer to each other
Mmmm....cake! They actually had an ice cream bar for dessert though. It was cool!
Me and the bride
On our way home, we stopped on the shore of Lake Erie to take a few pics

It was a fun weekend and a nice road trip! Congratulations Mike and Andrea!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tattoo Time!

Yep, Matt got a tattoo today!!! Here's how it went down...

This is the before picture
Here is the print that the guy uses so he knows where to put the ink...a rather helpful step

Matt didn't flinch at all when he was getting the was a boring reaction really...haha

Halfway through...lookin good!
Here's the final product!!!! Ignore the redness...this was taken right after he finished.


Yesterday we decided to make a big breakfast...we made waffles, bacon, and peach mango smoothies!

Matt cooked the waffles on the George Foreman

Lookin good :)
I helped make the smoothies. Here is the set up on our table...
It was delicious!!!! We even had some leftovers for this morning!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Wannabes-On FOX 2!!!

This morning, Shaylen and Andrew were on Fox 2 news talking about The Wannabes! How exciting for them :)

Here's the link to watch it: (about 3 minutes long)

Interview on Fox 2

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Wannabes Premiere Party

This past Saturday, The Wannabes had their premiere party!! The show aired this past Sunday in Australia and will be traveling across Europe and into the U.S. within the next year. We got to watch 3 episodes (the pilot episode and 2 others) and some of the group's music videos.

The show was pretty funny and I can't wait for it to air here!

Me and Taylor waiting for them to start the shows!

At the end of everything, the 6 main cast members did a meet and greet with the fans.

Here's the 3 boys of the group-Alan, Andrew, and Drew
And here's the whole group! Alan, Andrew, Shaylen, Sarah, Mariah, and Drew (and Drew's mom too)

For more info about The Wannabes, you can go to their website:
The Wannabes Starring Savvy

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow Fun

Today Matt and I decided to build a snowman since the snow was melting and it was super packy!
Here's Matt rolling the bottom part of the snowman. Look at his face...must be heavy!

Now time for the middle part of the snowman

Next comes the head and smoothing out the whole thing. I learned today that my husband is a "professional" snowman smoother outer :)

Here we are putting on the final details...and building a pet for our snowman...a snow dog!

Aren't they cute?!
What a fun time in the snow :) Time for some hot chocolate!!!